There can be few better feelings in golf than smashing the ball from the tee straight down the middle of the fairway with your driver, but over the last couple of weeks Golf Monthly readers have voted heavily in favour of the putter as being the most important club that we carry around the course.

They may cost significantly less than drivers, but our latest online poll has revealed that putters are held in a higher regard by our readers and are considered to be the most crucial weapon in our ongoing battles with the golf course. One of the biggest surprises in the results was the proximity in votes between drivers and wedges, a gap of just 6%. The full results are as follows:

“What’s the most important club in your bag?”

Putter – 61% of votes cast
Driver – 18%
Wedge – 12%
Utility – 7%
Other – 2%

With the New Year now firmly upon us our newest online poll asks readers about their predictions for their handicaps during 2007 ? are you expecting your handicap to fall? If so, how much by? Vote now in the usual box on the left-hand side of our homepage…