Royal St David?s, Celtic Manor, Holyhead, Royal Porthcawl? the list of high-class and visually stunning courses in Wales goes on and on. It might be unfair that the golfing merits of this principality are often overlooked when compared with its more prominent Celtic cousins but this is in fact a blessing, giving the visitor a wide selection of reasonably priced and scarcely populated tracks.

Veteran Times golfing correspondent John Hopkins is a born and bred Welshman and he has produced a marvellous book that positively breathes his affection and love for golf in the region. The jaw-dropping Welsh coast provides ample opportunity for glorious course pictures and they haven?t missed a trick here.

Whether you are planning a mates’ trip to Wales or just fancy a flick through some of the British Isles? most special courses then this is a book for you. It is published by Graffeg and retails for £14.99.

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