Marriott Golf UK has announced that its Marriott Rewards card holders will now be able to earn reward points when they book a Corporate Golf Day at any of its eleven Marriott Golf Destinations in the United Kingdom.

Rewards points can then be redeemed when purchasing holidays, cruises, flights, hotel rooms, spa treatments, shopping vouchers and much, much more. Frequent users of the scheme can also enjoy Elite Level benefits including room upgrades, special bonuses, gifts and other exclusive privileges.

?We decided that we wanted to reward our most loyal customers and felt this was a good way to do it,? said Stephen Follett, Director of Golf Operations for Marriott UK

?It means that Rewards card holders can accumulate reward points much more quickly than previously and should act as an incentive for Rewards card holders to chose a Marriott Golf Destination when they book their Corporate Golf Days.?

Individuals who want to join the Marriott Rewards programme can do so by calling 44 (0) 20 7012 7312 or logging onto