Week 2 ? Kemnay
Date: 20 September
Weather: Windy, odd rain shower
Greens: Summer
Tees: Summer
Mats on fairways: No
Preferred Lies: No

Probably the best greens I?ve putted on all year: lightning fast and supremely true. Lucky for me I came back in about 10 putts or I would have recorded a cricket total. The fairways are tight and tree-lined and Cormack visited the forest on five separate occasions. He played those five holes in one under par. I visited the trees twice and played those holes in four over par. I wasn?t speaking to him by the 18th. My mood was, however, cheered greatly on the final green. Some 50 feet away with a ludicrous slope between me and the cup Paul stated he?d buy me a 12-pack of Tennents Lager if I could get down in two. Things didn?t look good when my first effort ran 25 feet past so he upped the offer to a full 24 can crate. I settled over it, concentrated as hard as ever before and rolled it straight in. Cue a ridiculously over exuberant celebration akin to Justin Leonard at Brookline in 1999. Anyone would have thought I?d just broken the course record rather than just breaking 80.

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