The 2018 Shot Clock Masters in Austria will feature a shot clock on every shot in a hope to cut round times by 45 minutes


New European Tour Event With Shot Clock On Every Shot

We’ve seen the Hero Challenge, the GolfSixes and the Super 6 in Perth and the European Tour has come up with another innovation, this time a tournament featuring a shot clock on every shot.

Slow play is a problem at all levels of golf, especially on Tour, and the European Tour are trying to combat that with this new event announced today.

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The Shot Clock Masters will take place in Austria at the Diamond Country Club next June.

The first player in a group will be allowed 50 seconds to play, with the remaining players in the group getting 40 seconds.

New European Tour Event With Shot Clock

This year’s GolfSixes featured a shot clock hole. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Each player will be allowed two ‘time-outs’ during their round which gives them double the time to play the shot.

A one-stroke penalty will be awarded for taking longer than the allotted time to play a shot, with a red card shown next to their name on the leaderboard.

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The European Tour hopes the Shot Clock Masters will have rounds taking 45 minutes less than usual, with 4 hours for a three-ball and 3 hours 15 minutes for a two-ball.

The event is scheduled to take place between 7th-10th June next year, taking place instead of the current Lyoness Open at the Diamond Club.

New European Tour Event With Shot Clock

Diamond Country Club is a long course at 7,500 yards. (Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images)

European Tour Chief Executive Keith Pelley said: “The 2018 Shot Clock Masters will be a fascinating addition to our schedule next year.

“Not only will it help us combat slow play and reduce round times, it is also further evidence of our desire to embrace innovation.”

Austrian #1, who won the Lyoness Open in 2012, said: “With this change, there will be much more attention from the international sports media during the tournament.

“The new Shot Clock format is an ideal way to focus on the issue of pace of play. The game of golf should definitely be faster and therefore this is a step in the right direction.”

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