Victory Red (VR) Black Oxide wedge, £99

Key technology: A tour-inspired headshape and grind gives an increased number of shot options from all types of lie. High-Rev grooves are milled into the clubhead at the maximum dimensions to help increase spin.

This looks fantastic at address 
and offered plenty of control from 
the fairway and sand. We felt the head design would best suit fairly confident wedge players.

Nike VR Black Oxide

 MP-T10 wedge, £95

Key technology: New Quad-Cut grooves improve traction on short shots and provide added spin. A slightly thicker blade is combined with a bevelled top edge to give a smoother feel and more control.

For us this is the best-looking wedge on the market. The black satin option is particularly stunning. The compact head works well on firm links-like lies and gives plenty of stop.

Mizuno MP-10 wedge