The three-time Masters winner Phil Mickelson came out in support of Lexi Thompson, saying all pros are 'loose' with their ball marking

Phil Mickelson Says Most Tour Pros Are ‘Loose’ With Ball Marking

Three-time US Masters champion Phil Mickelson has come out in support of Lexi Thompson, saying that most tour pros are ‘loose’ with their ball marking.

Thompson was leading the ANA Inspiration, the women’s first major of the season, last week with just six holes to play before being told she was receiving a four stroke penalty for not placing her ball exactly where she marked it on the 17th green on the previous day.

It’s after a TV viewer emailed the LPGA.

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Mickelson thinks the decision should be reversed.

Lexi Thompson rules penalty

Lexi Thompson eventually lost in a playoff

“To have a tournament be decided like that, with just a little bit of loose marking, I think it should be reversed.

“I think that she should be given the trophy.

“A number of guys on tour are loose with how they mark the ball and have not been called on it.

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“They will move the ball two, three inches in front of their mark, and this is an intentional way to get it out of any type of impression and so forth. That kind of stuff needs to stop.

The Masters Green Jacket

Tiger Woods presents Phil Mickelson with his Green Jacket in 2006

“I feel like we’ve all kind of been a little lax at times in the markings of our golf ball and I hate to see it cost somebody a major championship because of that.”

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“I know Lexi and the one thing she is not is a cheat,” he said. “What’s happened with all these rules controversies does not put out a good image for us and the game of golf.

“Tiger said it best when he said people at home don’t need to be wearing stripes and calling in.”