“When I was growing up golf certainly wasn’t seen as a cool sport. If you wanted to play it, you were regarded as a wuss. Now it is cool.” Tiger Woods is confident of the status of modern golf.

“He’s done so much winning and he’s won so many different ways, there isn’t any situation that catches him off guard.” ? Hank Haney, Tiger Woods? swing coach, tells us something we don?t know already!

“You would think going to the first tee (in the final round) he would feel the pressure because everybody is expecting him to win – and it’s the exact opposite. It’s unbelievable that he feels that comfortable. It’s almost like he comes into the comfort zone in that situation and just relishes the fact that everybody, for the most part, wants to see him trip. Take away Jack Nicklaus, he’s the only other guy I’ve ever seen who looks more comfortable leading on the back nine of a major than playing the first hole of a tournament. And that’s pretty scary. I played with him at the US Open at Bethpage (2002). It was unbelievable – I had to move because I couldn’t see where the ball was coming down because it was right on line with every pin,” Chris Di Marco gives a comprehensive review of Tiger Woods? incredible Majors record.

“It will happen eventually. It’s going to happen. I mean, he’s not going to be 68 years old and in the final round of a major and tied for the lead and he wins.” Sergio Garcia is still hoping that Woods will one day come unstuck on the final day of a Major.

“I had to win six Majors before I got my own brand. It seems like you only have to wear a pair of silly trousers these days.” Nick Faldo on hearing that ?trendy? Ian Poulter has launched his own range of IP golfwear.

“Is that what Nick said? Great! Can you imagine how much I’d have to pay to get that sort of advertising?” Ian Poulter clearly has a business brain on him.

“My big motivation now is to play the Champions Tour next year. Like everybody else, I had no great designs on playing it, but last year I decided to go for it and give it my best. You’re only 50 once.” Faldo?s competitive juices have got the better of him.

“I am enjoying my golf now for the amount I’m playing and the amount I’m working at it. I think going on the Champions Tour and being more competitive is going to be more fun for me,” the other Nick (Price) will be waiting for Faldo!