Rickie Fowler

“In 1997, I would have been nine when he won [Tiger Woods winning the Masters].”

“The day after I got picked, I was actually with Rory in the Titleist trailer and we mentioned it would be fun to play each other. Obviously the two of us played Walker Cup ’07. [Rickie Fowler won that match]”
Matt Kuchar

“The underdog role gives you motivation. And I think we do take some motivation from being the underdogs.”

Phil Mickelson

“Rory is one of the nicest guys you can imagine.He’s one of the classiest guys out on Tour ask Tiger gets along with just about everybody, usually because he beats them and he’s nice to them when he beats them. Whether it’s in a PGA Tour event or what have you.”

“I’ve always had a good relationship with Colin because he’s got a great sense of
humour, and he and I rib each other. We have great little banter with
each other. We’ve played some pranks on each other over the years going back to the mid to late 90s.”

“I think that in The Presidents Cup, which is another international event that we play, Tiger and Steve Stricker have partnered very well together and Tiger and Jim Furyk have partnered very well together, and I would be surprised if that team got split up. I would expect the same undefeated record that Stricker and Tiger had at The Presidents Cup; because of that record, I think that that partnership should not be split up.”

Bubba Watson

“We all want to win, but at the same time, we are representing our country. We are representing golf, all of golf, both teams are representing golf and trying to got young people into this game.”

“I never asked Tiger Woods about The Ryder Cup. It’s just golf. It’s a big honour and it’s just golf. Tiger’s game is different than mine. Jim Furyk’s is different than mine, Phil Mickelson’s, well, his is pretty close to
mine, we both miss fairways a lot of time. Maybe I should talk to Phil.

“My dad is dying of cancer, he has the doctor says three months to live. I’m playing this for him and representing the United States and I more than likely am never going to be in the military unless they ask for our help, so more than likely I am never going to be in the military so this is the chance to be like my dad.

Jeff Overton

“It’s a dream come true to represent the U.S. in a Ryder Cup and to have a tee box with all of the fans and everybody over here out there supporting both sides, and especially over here, to be on foreign land, it’s going to be a challenge.”