No lack of interest in golf this week even if the interest is not so much the playing of the game as the ‘saying’ of the game.

Before the now infamous caddies’ awards dinner in China a few days ago I, like many, considered Steve Williams an arrogant irritant. Now, however, we must add the thought that this multi-millionaire is sensationally stupid.

Humour, as ever, is always in the ear of the listener but for Williams to make his crass comment about Tiger Woods because he thought he was being funny simply beggars description.

Fact: It WAS racist in tone. Other Fact: It was entirely inappropriate even if said in the alcohol-and-testosterone-fuelled atmosphere of an evening that deliberately sets out to be more mickey-taking than award-giving.

Steve Williams’ racist comments

The US and European Tours have tried to distance themselves from the furore by condemning Williams, noting he has apologised and hoping that everyone will move on. Well, everyone has moved on…to Australia where Woods and Scott will be playing and where this shabby episode will gain yet more energy.

I’m not sure what censure, financial or otherwise, the Tour bosses could have hit Williams with – I suspect not a lot – but what I do know is that Scott should now disengage from his caddie who appears permanently damaged goods.

Adam has pulled himself back into the top flight after a couple of years in decline but no matter how good a caddie Williams is – and, to be fair, he appears very good indeed – the golfer must know that the bloke set to carry his bag this week is now the story.

There is only one way for Scott to sort out this mess and that is to sack Williams. Otherwise the smell surrounding this unfortunate episode will not only grow but will impact directly on the player. Get on with it Adam, like Williams himself it’s a no-brainer.

Adam Scott lets Steve Williams off the hook