Ashworth, Inc. the market-leading designer of golf-inspired sportswear, has announced that it has again been ranked by the prestigious Darrell Survey as the number one brand in several top categories. Most notably, Ashworth® received the top ranked honors for total shirt usage among golf consumers. This is the eleventh consecutive year that the Company has received the number one ranking.

The Darrell Survey is a consumer survey conducted annually in which several thousand golfers are surveyed on-course about a variety of categories pertaining to their golf experience.

Claiming the highest honors in 2006 for an extraordinary eleventh consecutive year, the Darrell Survey ranked Ashworth with a 12% market share, the largest total shirt usage among golfers surveyed. The average score for this category was 0.7% among 98 brands surveyed.

In addition to topping the rankings for the coveted number one position overall, Ashworth also retained favor with the low handicappers (0-5 handicap) with a number one ranking in total shirt usage among the game?s most demanding players.