As part of the Johnnie Walker’s ‘Walk With Giants‘ campaign, Greg Norman has been interviewed for a podcast recording available for download.

The former world number one and two-time Open champion talks candidly about his career and his love for the game.

“I was very much an outdoors kid like every Australian kid is, I did everything which was a physical contact sport, from cricket to rugby to Aussie rules,” says Norman.

“Put something out there in front of me as a sport and I’m going to go and chase it.”

The Australian was labelled as being one of the longest and straightest drivers of the golf ball and his competitive spirit is still evident today.

“I’d like to take my skills when I was at the top of my game and challenge a Tiger Woods, a Jack Nicklaus or a Sam Snead, you know, when our games were honed to the best of our abilities.”

One golfing legend Norman did get the chance to compete against when they were at the height of their golfing powers was Severiano Ballesteros.

“The guy that I enjoyed playing against the most was Seve. He’d look at you and he’d want to cut your heart out and give it you at the 18th green. He didn’t care how he was going to beat you, but he was going to beat you.

“I had the utmost respect for him and we were good friends, but never too close, we were competitors as we both vied for the top position.”

Now that his golfing career has come to an end the ‘Great White Shark‘ is looking forward to making up lost time with his children and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle away from the spotlight.

“I was always a reluctant celebrity, I truly look forward to the time where I can be as near normal as possible.”

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