1 Links golf

As many inland courses suffer with mud and damp, those by the sea remain untouched. This is when links golf truly comes into its own. 
Apart from the deepest frost, good links courses can withstand just 
about anything.

2 Preferred lies

As the clocks change so will the quality of your lies on the fairway. Simply pick your ball up, give it a wipe, place it on top of the nearest tuft and let fly.  

3 Using harder balls

A combination of cold hands, soft greens and a lack of practice makes using a premium ball largely pointless – and possibly expensive. So why not choose yourself a good 2-or 3-piece winter ball instead? These balls go further, are more durable and are significantly less painful in the wallet department, this is a tactic more and more golfers are adopting.  

4 Getting the chance to wear your winter clothes

Winter golf clothing has been subject to a major transformation in recent times. Gone are the baggy, heavy and uninspiring garments of yesteryear and in their place are vibrant colours and lightweight, waterproof and breathable alternatives. If, like us, you enjoy the variety of your winter wardrobe you too will 
be looking forward to the cold weather.

5 Drinking with 
impunity on the course

During the summer, if you crack open a can of lager on the 5th fairway, your playing partners are likely to think you’ve got a drink problem before consulting the club committee about the prospect of serving you an internal ASBO. Do the same thing with a hipflask of brandy or whisky in the winter and you’re just taking precautions from the cold. Very sensible too.