Images of Woods and Mickelson in front of a pile of cash were slated on social media


Twitter Reacts To “Grotesque” Woods/Mickelson Pictures

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson‘s match takes place this week and the promotions are hyping up ahead of the first tee off.

We’ve already seen the press conference this week where Mickelson placed a $200,000 bet on himself birdieing the opening hole.

WATCH: Woods Mickelson The Match Press Conference

Bleacher Report, who are promoting ‘The Match’, then posted images on social media of the pair each in front of a pile of cash, representing the $9m they’re playing for, and it didn’t go down well on social media.

The BBC’s Dan Walker, who is a Golf Monthly columnist, described the images as “grotesque” with the hashtag #TheRootOfAllEvil.

BBC Golf Correspondent Iain Carter described the images as “so wrong at every level”

TalkSPORT’s Georgie Bingham wrote, “I feared the worst for this #TigerPhil match up from the start; Only it’s actually more vulgar and worse then I’d ever imagined. Not much reading of the room going on there even though some idiots will pay for it.”

British Masters champion and two-time European Tour winner responded to Bingham’s tweet, describing the match as “pathetic” and “everything golf shouldn’t be doing right now.”

“Coming away from my Twitter ban just to take Georgie’s point further and conclude that this is indeed everything golf shouldn’t be doing right now,” he tweeted.

“One man earning $9 Million isn’t attractive. This putrid attempt at attention will turn out to be futile for everyone. Pathetic.”

Six-time major winner Sir Nick Faldo said he was confused by how upfront the match was regarding the prize money.

What are your thoughts on The Match and will you be hoping to tune in? – Note: We currently aren’t aware of a UK broadcast deal.

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