The curators of the British Golf Museum at St Andrews today marked the 400th anniversary of the Union Flag by hoisting it above their building in a ceremony at 12.00pm. From today onwards it will fly above the museum in place of a flag of their own logo.

It is exactly 400 years since James VI of Scotland, known also as James I of England after 1603, declared that the crosses of St Andrew and St George should be joined together to form a new flag of Great Britain. After the 1801 Act of the Union the cross of St Patrick was also added, forming the Union Jack that we know today.

The British Golf Museum decided to act in recognition of its unique content of British golfing artefacts. Its new exhibition of The Open Championships since 1946 includes a simulated tour of all the Open venues in Great Britain and contains memorabilia from all corners of the UK. These include Irishman Fred Daly’s golf clubs, Scotsman Sandy Lyle’s sweater from his win in 1985 and the winning shirt worn in 1992 by Englishman Nick Faldo.