A golf course architecture practice, founded by five time Open Champion Peter Thomson, is to create a classic-style heathland course on Turkey?s Mediterranean coast. Heather already grows naturally in the region, but has never been considered for use in the construction of golf courses. Along with partners Ross Perrett and Tim Lobb, Thompson has employed the services of a golf course conditioning specialist to help create a track reminiscent of classic UK heathland courses.

Chris Lomas, (pictured with Tim Lobb) the course manager at the Berkshire Golf Club, will assist Thomson Perrett & Lobb in the placement and management of heather at The Carya Golf Club, Antalya. Construction of the course is about to begin.

Lomas, 33, will also help establish an extraordinary cultivation project that will result in heather being propagated in neighbouring glasshouses. At the same time, he will prepare a two-hectare outdoor heather nursery to supply the club over the longterm.

Tim Lobb said: ?The use of heather is totally unique to golf courses in the region and will help make Carya an outstanding, classic-style course.?

Chris Lomas, who has 11-years? experience working on heathland courses, said: ?Heather is renowned in the UK as a feature of some of our finest golf courses. I think it is tremendous that Thomson Perrett & Lobb want to emulate the character of these classic courses in Turkey, where heather already grows naturally.”

Carya Golf Club is due to open in November 2007.