The US team beaten by Europe at Celtic Manor after a dramatic final day in the Singles Matches faced up to their defeat with captain Corey Pavin praising his team’s efforts.

Here is what Pavin and his men had to say following their narrow defeat, after Graeme McDowell beat Hunter Mahan 3&1 in the final match.

Corey Pavin:

“I think they should all be proud of themselves. As I’ve told them all week, they are playing for each other. We are a team and I was proud of every one of them and how they played during this week, how they fought, how they kept at it out there.

“There was many points it seemed this week that momentum was going against us, and they kept fighting back and fighting back. And as I said, we nearly got there today. And I’m just proud of each and every one of them as a team.”

Asked whether going into a fourth day had a negative impact, Pavin added:

” I think that’s about the last thing that we are thinking about. Obviously we had some bad weather, and we are trying
to finish on Sunday.

“I thought the plan that, as I said, that people
came up with, that are smarter than myself, thought it was a great plan.

“It was a plan for the fans; it was a plan for TV, and it was a plan
to get the Ryder Cup done on Sunday. I thought it was a great idea. The weather just didn’t cooperate, and we went to Monday. I don’t think
anybody up here really cares that we went to Monday at all.

“I think what we care about is that these matches were played to the
completion and they were played fairly, in great sportsmanship. I
thought the fans were fantastic all week.

“They were respectful. I
thought all of the matches, the players played with great pride on both
sides. And it was a very, very fair fight.

“There’s a lot to hold their heads up about. As I said, I’m very proud of them. Every shot, they gave it their all, and what happened was that Europe played a little bit better, and they beat us.

“Next time when we play again in the Ryder Cup, we’ll try to get a different result. But as I said, I’m very proud of the efforts that Team USA gave.”

Hunter Mahan:

“Well, I’m just proud to be a part of this team. It’s a close team.

“I’ve played with Graeme before. I don’t even know what day it was. But he didn’t miss a shot. He played great today. Didn’t miss a shot. Hit a bunch of key putts, probably the last four or five holes, and you know, that birdie on 16, after I got it to one down, was huge. He just beat me today.”

Phil Mickelson:

“We are all proud to be a part of this team. We are all disappointed that we didn’t come through. We wanted to win over here in Europe awfully bad, and we fought hard today.

“We put ourselves in a bit of a deficit we didn’t see ourselves being in after the first two sessions. And we thought that we came out today and we all played with a lot of heart, and put forth a very strong effort.

“We came within a half a point. But we could look anywhere throughout those 28 points for that half a point. I look at the three matches that I played in, and had many opportunities to try to get that clinching point.

“We just fell a little bit shy. Europe played some incredible golf all week, and our hats are off to them for their effort.

“We put a lot of heart and energy into this event. We really believed all week we were going to win. We not just talked about it, but we really believed that we were going to prevail.

Even heading into today when we were down, we just knew we were going to win, and we didn’t.
And that’s what’s hard because we were so close. And every one of us can look back on a match and say that this could have been the deciding factor, that could have been the deciding factor.

“This is my eighth Ryder Cup, and I like and want to try to be a leader, and the best way to lead is through play, through about play.

“And when I didn’t win any of my first three points, I felt more disappointment than I’ve ever felt, because this is an opportunity for us to win here in Europe.

“And so the fact that we came so close, and I let some of these opportunities to gain points for our team slide, it does hurt more than some of the past losses.

“We all have encountered difficult conditions. We have all played in rain and cold and we have played in fog. We have played in wet, sloppy conditions like this.

“We have played Augusta like this a few times where it’s been wet like this. I think we are all experienced in it, but so are the Europeans and they played a little bit better in this weather than we did.

“We have had a lot of fun off the course, too, that has helped us deal with this weather. It’s helped us stay relaxed, be rested and enjoy the week, and we just wish the outcome was slightly different.

“But we appreciate the way the people here in Wales treated us, because they were very supportive of the European Team and very respectful towards us, and we thank them.”