The two-time major winner showed his support for Tiger Woods in a two-minute video posted on twitter


Watch Martin Kaymer’s Classy Tribute To Tiger Woods 

Two-time major winner Martin Kaymer posted a video on twitter in support of Tiger Woods after the world reacted to the American’s DUI arrest on Monday.

In the video, the German referenced “so many comments” as “so unfair and very disrespectful”

In the video, Kaymer says:

“Everyone who is involved in golf was changed by his legacy, by his play, by so many things that he’s done.

“He brought cultures together, he made races, african americans, feel more comfortable to play golf

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“He inspired kids, teenagers, he inspired kinda like all of us.

“I find it so nasty that people just kick him while he’s already on the floor.

“Why are you being so nasty? Why don’t you try to do the opposite to help him now, the way he inspired us. that’s why we are where we are now, that’s why we can have what we have.

“He has a huge impact. My wish would be just stop being so nasty, try to help.

“We all want to see him happier and hopefully one day see him playing golf again, that’s my only wish.

“Be kind.”

Classy words from Kaymer, let’s hope Tiger Woods will be back fit and healthy soon.