To stand a chance of winning you must name all six of the following courses. Leave your answers in the comments box below (which will be revealed on Monday), or enter via our competitions page. All six courses are different and appear in Golf Monthly’s Top 100 courses in the UK and Ireland. The first letter of each course will then spell the name of a professional golfer. However, you may need to re-arrange the letters to get the player’s name. You will also need to name the courses in the correct order starting with…

Picture 1

 Name the course picture 1

WINNERS will be selected at random, and prizes are as follows:

1st prize: Four Green Free vouchers, see plus a pair of instruction DVDs featuring game advice from Golf Monthly Top 25 Coaches.

2nd prize: A pair of Green Free vouchers plus a pair of instruction DVDs.

3rd prize: One Green Free voucher and a pair of instruction DVDs.

The closing date is Monday 23rd February, 10am.

So, simply, name all six courses from Picture 1 to Picture 6 AND name the mystery golfer.