A guide to the thirteenth hole of the Rio Olympic Golf Course ahead of the 2016 Olympics in August

Rio Olympic Golf Course Hole by Hole: Hole 13

Hole 13 – Par 4 – 487 yards

This is probably my favourite hole on the course.

Rio olympic golf course

I love the way the tee sits in the trees but at 487-yards its another tough par 4.

Aesthetically it looks amazing with the waste bunkering running down the right of the fairway and the 100-year old Ficus tree sitting in the middle of the bunker on the corner of the dogleg, it really is a beautiful hole.

Rio olympic golf course

The longer hitters will have to be careful not to run out of fairway and end up in the bunkers on the other side of the fairway.

The second shot is just as stunning as you play back towards the mountains.

Rio olympic golf course

The green is very large with a false front and plenty of undulations that should make for some interesting pin positions.

James Mason of planetgolfreview.com travelled to Rio to produce the guide of the 2016 Olympic Golf Course of Golf Monthly

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