A guide to the fourth hole of the Rio Olympic Golf Course ahead of the 2016 Olympics in August

Rio Olympic Golf Course Hole by Hole: Hole 4

Hole 4 – Par 3 – 182 yards

This is the first par-3 on the 2016 Rio Olympic golf course, and it’s tricky despite only being a 7-8 iron for most of the players.

Rio Olympic golf course

The green is raised so players may opt to go with an extra club here to avoid rolling back down into the deep bunker where very few will get up-and-down from.

Rio olympic golf course

The fourth hole seen from the tee

The bunker that protects the front of the green wraps its way around the right-hand side, gradually getting deeper from front to back.

Rio olympic golf course

However don’t go left, or long. There’s also danger if you miss the green long or left as the green just drops away in to several steep run-off areas. The only way to find the putting surface here is to hit a quality iron shot.

Rio olympic golf course

The green isn’t a big target and with the amount of movement it in the players’ putting skills will be put to the test again.

A great hole design and one that will see plenty of bogeys.

James Mason of planetgolfreview.com travelled to Rio to produce the guide of the 2016 Olympic Golf Course of Golf Monthly

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