A big dog with real class

Consistency's the key word with this fairway wood

The GM testers were impressed by the attractive, compact appearance of this fairway wood. It has the classic old Ping design that has always proved popular.

Take a break from the crazy pace of modern life and escape to the Indian Ocean with courses on the edge of warm transparent lagoons.

[PAGEBREAK]Introduction Most golfers rarely hit the ball dead straight. Natural quirks in their swing will mean the ball might move slightly left or slightly right through the…

Playing with a wonky club

The clubhead cuts across the ball, as though you are hit a tennis sliced forehand with your golf club, imparting side-spin that spirals the ball out of control.

The Total Golf Card offers you fantastic savings on green fees at more than 300 of the country’s top courses. You can bring a partner along with you to enjoy…

Your guide to the best sticks