The Golf Monthly test team's Voice Caddie SC200 launch monitor review, a lightweight and portable device that calculates the distance of your shots

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Voice Caddie SC200 launch monitor


  • Easy to set up and use, provides accurate data and provides useful feedback. The different modes especially help make range time more effective


  • It often takes a few shots at the start of a practice session before any data appears


Voice Caddie SC200 launch monitor


Price as reviewed:

£249.00 (includes wireless remote)

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Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC200 portable launch monitor review

Key technology
The SC200 is a portable, Doppler radar- based launch monitor that measures carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor before feeding this information back via its LCD display and voice output. It can be used in three different modes, with a unique scoring system employed to monitor carry distance, accuracy and consistency.

The option to input your clubs’ exact loft angles means the SC200 can provide even more accurate data. The wireless control unit enables all settings to be controlled remotely. A shot-count and time-display feature allows practice-session length and intensity to be monitored

Will suit
Golfers who want accurate feedback on their shots hit in practice without breaking the bank.

GM verdict
The SC200 takes the best elements from its predecessor and improves upon them. The device is slim and lightweight, leaving you with no reason to omit it from your bag, especially with the drawstring pouch protecting it during transit.

The LCD screen is easy to read, but the addition of the voice output function removes the need to turn and squat to assess each shot. The wireless control unit fits in your back pocket with room to spare, leaving you free to focus on your range session. It also enables you to change the settings on the device without bending down.

Carry distance seemed accurate when tested up against a premium launch monitor, no doubt helped by the ability to input your clubs’ lofts, which the machine uses to help calculate carry distance. The Random mode is an especially useful short-game practice tool, creating much more realistic scenarios by changing the distance each time.



A launch monitor that provides accurate data, that is lightweight and easy to use for under £249. What's not to like?