adidas Go-To Jacket Review - We test the new Go-To jacket out on the course to see if it as versatile as adidas says it is

Product Overview

Overall rating:

adidas Go-To Jacket


  • Stylish, stretchy, relatively warm and versatile for on and off course wear.


  • Water resistant coverage is fairly limited.


adidas Go-To Jacket


Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

adidas Go-To Jacket Review  

This jacket is for golfers seeking a warm, versatile jacket with good protection that can be worn on and off the course.

Key technology
Designed to be suitable for golfers for most of the year, the Go-To jacket features water resistant fabric on the upper body and arms to prevent the ingress of water, and a fleece-lined shell for all-weather protection which features a square pattern underneath to reduce weight and trap warmth.

There’s also a droptail hem for extra coverage when you’re bending down to line up your putts, telescopic sleeves and articulated elbows to ensure movement is not restricted. It comes in half zip or full zip options in five colour choices. You can find out more about the features and benefits here.


GM Review

There’s no question at that price point, golfers are getting a lot for their money. It’s lightweight, warm, soft, very stretchy and extremely comfortable to wear and play golf in.

There is an element of water resistance, and these areas on the upper section of the arms and shoulders repel water extremely well.


But there are fabric areas on the underside of the arm, the end of the sleeves and the lower torso that aren’t water resistant, so while it should keep you mostly dry in a light shower on a calm day, heavier, more sideways rain may require a more thorough waterproof jacket on top to keep you completely dry.


Sizing wise, it does come out quite big, but this ensures it does ride up too much when you swing and allows for it to be combined with other layers on very cold or wet days. This jacket is ideal for those cool early mornings in the spring and autumn on top of a polo shirt.

The modern but neutral styling and five colour choices mean it will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Those who like to listen to music while practicing will enjoy the smartphone pocket, while those who find baggy sleeves annoying can pull up the telescopic sleeves to reduce distractions.


For the price, the Go-To jacket is an excellent all-round offering, providing enough warmth and water resistance for all but the most extreme of weather conditions, while also being lightweight and free of swing restrictions.