The Golf Monthly test team reviews Bridgestone Tour B330 balls.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


  • There’s been a lot of focus in the driver market on keeping spin down in order to increase distance. This can also be achieved with your ball choice, and the B330 does just that. Bridgestone says that this is designed specifically for swing speeds over 105mph. However, slower swingers will still see impressive results off the tee, providing they have enough loft on their driver. Despite so much talk about reduced spin on long shots, there’s still plenty of bite when hitting approach shots.


  • Some will find a better flight from the RX version of the Tour B330. You’ll either have to try both or know your swing speed to find which suits best.


Bridgestone Tour B330 Balls


Price as reviewed:

£47.99 (per dozen )

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Bridgestone Tour B330 Balls Key Technology: 

Hydro Core technology sees water droplets introduced into the core to reduce spin on long shots. The water makes the inner portion of the core softer and the outer portion firmer, which results in reduced spin on long shots for longer and straighter carries. Meanwhile, the cover is six per cent softer than previous versions, which should help to improve control around the green.


Will suit… Players with fast swings looking to keep spin down to a minimum.


This ball felt softer and yet seemed to spin less, which wasn’t what I was expecting. I did, however, really like this combination, as I was able to hit the ball higher with my driver in the knowledge that it wouldn’t spin up into the wind. Control wasn’t compromised around the green, though, as I was also able to predict the amount of spin, which is key.