Galvin Green C-Knit Waterproofs Review - Technical Editor Joel Tadman reviews Galvin Green's latest waterproof suit, featuring ground-breaking C-Knit backer technology

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Galvin Green C-Knit Waterproofs


  • Lightweight, comfortable, stylish and most importantly offers best-in-class protection and freedom of movement


  • Debatable if moving the trouser ankle zip to the rear is any easier to access


Galvin Green C-Knit Waterproofs


Price as reviewed:

£380.00 (Argon jacket, £360 Arn Torusers)

Clubhouse Golf

Galvin Green C-Knit Waterproofs Review

Key Technology
Marking a 15-year association with Gore-Tex and its waterproof membrane, Galvin Green has added a revolutionary Japanese-made C-Knit backer to form three-layer stretch fabric jackets and trousers that can ’slide & glide’ over garments underneath. The new Argon full-zip jacket with C-Knit backer (£380) also features a high collar and zipped cuffs in a rubber-like neoprene material designed to repel steady rain.

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Matching these jackets are the Arn trousers (below, £360) that also include C-Knit backer material with Gore-Tex stretch fabric, as well as covered back pockets and long leg openings with water repellent zips and the back rather than the side for easier dressing.

Galvin Green Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Unveiled 3

How we tested
We tested the suit comprising the Argon jacket and Arn trousers over a number or months from February to May this year in various weather conditions and temperatures.


Not only is the backer material silky smooth, making the garments easy to slide on, but it’s also very soft so doesn’t feel harsh on your skin. Plus there are adjustable cords to help get a more tailored fit.

Galvin Green C-Knit


Galvin Green has nailed it once again, creating a suit has bright colours without looking garish or overpowering. The fit was perhaps a touch baggy in places, a slimmer fit wouldn’t have been a problem given the stretch of the material, but the signature Galvin look will please a variety of ages and tastes.

The waterproof protection we experienced was second to none but what also impressed was the flexibility and breathability of the suit. It didn’t restrict our swing in any way and can be worn comfortably in a variety of temperatures.

It’s amazing how even with an extra layer, the Argon jacket can weigh just 275g and be so thin – making it easy to fold down compactly for the smallest of pockets in your golf bag. It also makes the suit must less restrictive, assisted by the stretch of the fabric to ensure you can swing unimpaired.

Both the jacket and trousers are easy to slide on during a quick shower and while we don’t agree the zips at the back of the leg are any easier to access, you can’t fault the protection and performance they provide. The excellent breathability means you won’t overheat and the attention to detail is noticeable – especially on the jacket with the rubberized cuffs and collar enhancing the protection and comfort you experience.


While the price point is super-premium, this is unquestionably the best waterproof suit on the market and those who want the best will see the value in the investment.