There is more to think about than you might expect when it comes to selecting your Golf Polo Shirts and Golf Jumpers…

Polo shirts
The modern golf polo shirt is a very different offering compared to what golfers would have purchased just five years ago. Synthetic designs are vastly improved compared to old models (that would tend to make you sweat, smell and generally feel very uncomfortable). The polo shirt is a garment you will wear in all conditions, so it is a vital piece of apparel that should not be underestimated.

There are a number of new innovative designs as well as those that utilise classic materials, but combined with a modern twist. The key to modern-golf apparel is layering. The right collection of garments can really help you dress for any weather conditions without being restricted. One of the keys is to get the fit of your jumpers right so they can be combined with layers under and over them.


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