Pearl Golf Liberty Stand Bag Review - We put this visually striking stand bag through its paces but does it have the performance to back up the style?

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Pearl Golf Liberty Stand Bag


  • Stunning, modern looks with the performance to back it up, including comfy straps, spacious pockets and excellent waterproof protection.


  • Not everyone will enjoy the added faff of a 14-way divider top.


Pearl Golf Liberty Stand Bag

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Pearl Golf Liberty Stand Bag Review

You may not have heard a great deal about the German brand Pearl Golf but let me assure you it is making some top notch golf products, one such example being the Liberty stand bag.

Pearl Golf Liberty Stand Bag Review

Visually striking with its ‘cool’ grey effect block colours and acid yellow detail (it comes in a dark grey with toxic red too), in unquestionably catches your eye. In fact, I was approached by numerous golfers asking about it having clocked it from an adjacent fairway.

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It impresses in terms of features and performance too. There are six spacious pockets that provide ample room for all your golfing paraphernalia, and they’ve proven to be effective at keeping water out too thanks to the YKK Aquaguard zippers.


One other design feature that does stand is the straps. They’re very well padded and provide a soft, comfortable ride for your shoulders. They seem to automatically adjust to fit your body shape and there’s also some thick, mesh-lined padding to on the inside of the bag to cushion the contact point with your lower back when carrying.


It does also sit perfectly well on a trolley with the Velcro retaining straps stopping the legs from popping out when you don’t want them too.

We’d prefer a top with fewer dividers than the 14 on offer, but we know a lot of golfers out there like the extra organization that comes with it and the supposed reduction in club rattling from the design.


The grab handles at the top and bottom make it easy to get out of the car and the feet on the end of the legs provide stability upon automatic deployment.


We also like the subtle extra touches too, like the mesh pocket inside the ball pocket, the pen holder, Velcro glove tab and a towel ring that doubles as a bottle opener. They all combine nicely to add convenience to your round.


Pearl Golf describe this bag as ‘style meeting performance’ and we’d have to agree that it's German engineering at its finest. The style draws you in and then on the course it impresses in every aspect of functionality and performance a golfer would look for from a top-of-the-range stand bag.