Titleist Tour Soft Ball Review - We test the new ball offering from Titleist, said to provide all-round performance and durability for the average player

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist Tour Soft


  • Impressive height on iron shots provides excellent stopping power into greens. Good distance off the tee with ample control around the green for most players with a soft feel.


  • On very short shots around the green it doesn't quite offer the backspin of balls that have a softer urethane cover.


Titleist Tour Soft


Price as reviewed:

£32.00 (per dozen)

Clubhouse Golf

Titleist Tour Soft Ball Review

Aimed At
The Tour Soft is aimed at golfers who want good performance in every area of the game without the premium price tag.

Key technology
Replacing the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S, the Tour Soft provides a soft feel with control and distance, thanks to the larger 1.6in core combined with a special, ultra-thin 4CE grafted surlyn cover made from four different materials. A new spherically tiled 342 dimple design delivers a penetrating trajectory and consistent flight.

How we tested
We hit wedge, mid-iron and driver shots on the Foresight GCQuad before putting them in play during multiple rounds on the golf course.


GM Review

The Tour Soft, as the name suggests, does feel soft. Not as soft as the new DT TruSoft but comparable with the Pro V1 and while also feeling powerful off the tee.

The Tour Soft does offer a degree of spin control on short shots around the green although not as much as Pro V1. Much of the Tour Soft’s stopping power comes from the high trajectory of iron shots.


Tour Soft offers up good distance from the tee comparable to the Pro V1 and only marginally shorter than the new Velocity. Out on the course, it’s doubtful whether you’d notice big differences between the three.


Titleist has simplified it’s mid-price ball offering and in Tour Soft, golfers have a reliable and consistent package that delivers a little bit of everything. For most golfers, it provides ample stopping power on chips and pitch shots with a soft feel without sacrificing distance off the tee. We also enjoyed the high, towering flight it gave us on approach shots. It is a little surprising that Titleist hasn’t put a urethane cover on this ball, but it maintains the differentiation with Pro V1 as the ultimate tour performance ball. Plus, it gives the Tour Soft extra durability helping it last longer out on the course.