The Golf Monthly test team review the Wilson Staff DX2 Soft golf ball, which is said to deliver all-round performance at a competitive price.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Wilson DX2 Soft


  • The feel off the putter face is incredibly soft, more like a premium urethane cover ball. What is also impressive is that the soft feel is achieved without sacrificing the durability on offer. The cover lasted a full round without cutting up, even when hitting pitch shots with relatively new wedges.


  • The soft feel on offer doesn’t mean you should expect the sort of short-game spin that more premium balls provide on shots into the green. While spin was comparable with other balls at this price point, the DX2 Soft won’t stop as quickly as top-of-the-range designs.


Wilson DX2 Soft ball


Price as reviewed:

£19.99 (per dozen)

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Wilson DX2 Soft ball review

Key technology
With a compression of 29, the new Wilson Staff DX2 Soft is the lowest compression ball on the market, which should give it a soft feel at impact, particularly with the short clubs. It’s 25 per cent softer than the previous DX2 Soft ball, and is designed to offer more short- game control. The two-piece construction provides minimal spin when hit with a driver to help improve accuracy, while the cover should aid the ball to fly higher when hit with longer clubs in the bag. The new ball is available in white or high-visibility yellow.

Will suit
Those after a soft feel, but who don’t want to pay premium prices.


The DX2 Soft ball has been improved to deliver superb overall performance at this mid-level price point.