Ping G400 Max Driver Review - Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests the new Ping G400 Max driver up against the original G400 driver to see if there were any differences in clubhead speed, distance and accuracy

Product Overview

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Ping G400 Max Driver


  • Performs very similar to the G400 from the middle but with more forgiveness on off-centre hits and a more confidence-inspiring look without any reduction in clubhead speed from the added size.


  • Louder, tinny sound compared to the G400 model may put some people off


Ping G400 Max Driver


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Ping G400 Max Driver Review

Aimed At
This driver is aimed at golfers who want to find more fairways off the tee.

Key Technology
Being bolstered in size to 460cc means the G400 Max is the most forgiving Ping G400 driver in the family with a higher MOI (resistance to twisting) than the standard G400 driver. This should mean that shots hit off centre fly straighter and lose less distance compared to strikes from the sweetspot but clubhead speed might be reduced.

Ping G400-Max-driver-face

The G400 Max driver features the same technologies as the other G400 drivers, including the weight-saving Dragonfly crown, tungsten back weight for maximum forgiveness, a fast forged titanium face and internal rib structure that improves the sound and feel.

How we tested
We hit the Ping G400 Max on our GC2 Launch Monitor and out on the course to assess performance compared with the standard G400 driver.

Given it’s larger volume, the G400 Max has a larger footprint at address that many golfers will prefer. The turbulators also appear larger and the face is lighter in colour and therefore more visible to help alignment.

ping g400-max-driver-inset-web

Interestingly the G400 Max driver has a louder, more hollow sound than the standard G400 driver. It still feels solid, stable and powerful, but many will prefer the sound of the original over the G400 Max.

Our launch monitor data showed the G400 Max performed very similarly to the standard G400, with a slightly higher flight but the launch, spin, carry distance and ball speeds were similar.


The G400 Max is a curious addition to the G400 driver family as it unquestionably provides added forgiveness and accuracy over the standard model without a significant decrease in speed or distance. It is most suited to mid and slow swing speeds that use a lot of the face to strike the ball, but our fast swing speeds also got good performance from it. In fact we got slightly more distance from the G400 Max.

Out on the course, the flight was certainly more stable overall, the dispersion was tighter and it just looks and feels easier to hit and that confidence translated into more consistently centred strikes and longer, straighter drives compared to the standard G400.


Any reduction in clubhead speed from the larger size looks to be offset by the higher MOI preserving ball speeds on mishits and although the sound isn’t quite as sharp as the original, many will wonder why it wasn’t 460cc in the first place.