Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review - Technical editor Joel Tadman reviews the new Cleveland Launcher HB driver using the GC2 launch monitor

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Cleveland Launcher HB driver


  • Impressive performance given the modest price tag. High, low-spinning flight with a touch of draw bias and a powerful, solid feel.


  • Long stock shaft may reduce control for some.


Cleveland Launcher HB Driver


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Cleveland Launcher HB Driver Review

Aimed at

The Launcher HB driver is aimed at golfers who aren’t fussed about custom fitting, they want a driver that performs off the shelf.

Key technology

A redesigned HiBore Crown, which is lighter in weight, helps position the weight low and deep in the head for more launch and forgiveness while also being more convex, creating a stiffer structure for improved sound and feel.


The ultra-lightweight hosel is non adjustable, which saves 15 grams of weight that can then be repositioned to make the woods more user-friendly. Flex-Fin Technology refers to the channel on the sole that flexes and returns energy at impact for distance on strikes across the face.

The high balance point Miyazaki C Kua 50 shaft is a low torque design, helping users swing the club faster with the same amount of effort.

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The HiBore step on the crown, with a straight middle but curved edges, is a lighter colour than the dark grey crown, helping align the relatively flat clubface. It sits a little closed at address too, to help the majority of golfers that miss fairways to the right.

Cleveland-launcher hb testing

Ball Flight

A high but relatively powerful ball flight thanks to the mid-to-low spin that is possible to create that also turns over gently from right-to-left thanks to the draw bias in the head.


For golfers that just want to grip it and rip it without having to worry about tweaking lofts, lie angles or weights, the Launcher HB driver is ideal. We experienced some excellent performance in just the standard stiff 9˚ model, achieving average carry distance only a few yards shot of drivers that are nearly double the price.

The shaft is long at 45.5”, which will help with clubhead speed but could reduce control initially. The feel is firm but springy, with a loud, high-pitched sound letting everyone know a ball has been hit hard.


The high launch is ideal for slow and mid swing speed players and it seemed to offer enough assistance on off-centre hits to keep the dispersion tight. An impressive amount of performance for the price.