Golf Monthly's Cobra King F7 driver review - we test Cobra's latest driver offering said to provide tailored performance to a wide spectrum of players

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Cobra King F7 driver


  • Didn't quite reward solid hits with the distance we were expecting.


Cobra King F7 Driver Review


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Cobra King F7 driver review

Key technology
Textreme carbon fibre is 20 per cent lighter, creating a lower and deeper CG. Three adjustable weights on the sole, a 12g and two 2g weights, allows golfers to adjust launch, spin and add draw bias.

Also comes in F7+ version (£299), which has a smaller address profile, deeper face and lower loft range. Cobra Connect automatically tracks your drives through a free smartphone app kept in your pocket. For more info on the tech, click here.






Will Suit
Golfers looking to dial in their ball flight on a budget.

Whether you opt for black, blue or silver, the King F7 driver has a large, confidence-inspiring profile at address with lots of loft on show and subtle graphics. The shiny finish may produce a little sun glare, something that’s not a problem on the F7+ thanks to a matte finish on top.

Cobra King F7 drivers address

In our view the King F7 is ideal for the improving, every day golfer who doesn’t want to shell out half his life savings for a driver that performs.

The adjustability works and provides enough combinations for golfers to really maximize their potential through increasing or decreasing loft, launch and spin as well as adding in some draw bias if required.

Faster swingers will likely require the F7+ model, which provides a little less spin and has lower loft settings to assist a more suitable ball flight, but we experienced a trade off with forgiveness when making the switch.

The King F7 model seemed to be much more forgiving, generally hitting the ball straight while the F7+ provided more distance but without the consistent accuracy.

The price reflects the very slight drop off in overall performance compared with top-end premium drivers but for most golfers, the total package will be one that provides good value for money thanks to the vast array of adjustability and colour options.


An improvement on the King F6 model, the King F7 driver is a user friendly offering geared towards mid-handicappers seeking adjustability and performance without breaking the bank.