Our Cobra King LTD driver review, a space-inspired driver with a Space Port and ultra-light carbon fibre crown to lower the CG position while maintaining forgiveness

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Cobra King LTD driver


  • Traditional look and shape combined with cutting-edge technology in the sole that moves the CG low to reduce spin without losing out on forgiveness.


  • The club looks more lofted than it is at set- up. Limited alignment assistance is on offer.


Cobra King LTD driver review


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Key technology
Taking design inspiration from a trip to the International Space Station, the Cobra King LTD driver features a Space Port window on the sole that allows Cobra to position the CG lower, while also making its internal technology visible for the first time. A new TeXtreme carbon composite crown is 20 per cent lighter than standard carbon fibre to move the CG lower and raise MOI.

An ultra-low CG position improves the efficiency of the club at impact for faster ball speeds, higher launch angles and lower spin, which all contribute to more distance. The body is constructed of lightweight 811 titanium, with a back weight port and 12g tungsten weight. A new TeXtreme carbon composite crown is 20 per cent lighter than standard carbon fibre to move the CG lower and raise MOI.

Loft Options
The King LTD driver comes in lofts 9-12° adjustable including three draw settings.

Will suit
Those looking for a high-tech, traditional-looking driver combined with a light feel and high launch to optimise distance.

GM verdict
Subtle in appearance by Cobra’s standards, the King LTD driver features a traditional head shape that nearly all golfers will enjoy. It feels light the moment you pick it up and it just looks superb behind the ball. While the light feel didn’t lead to an increase in club speed, the feel from the middle was stable and hot, leading to some impressive carry distances.

Spin numbers were slightly below average at around the 2300rpm mark, helping to maximise roll out. While well-struck drives seemed effortless to achieve time after time, the occasional mishit led to only a limited reduction in feel, accuracy and distance. It launched higher than expected, meaning a reduction in loft down to 8.5° produced the best results. All in all, the King LTD driver will help a wide spectrum of golfers who struggle to maximise distance off the tee.

Faster swingers will be much better suited to the Pro model, which offers a lower loft range of 7-10° as well as three fade settings to help optimise launch and spin and maximise distance in the process. During our testing, the Pro model offered around 300rpm of spin less than the standard model.



The appeal of this driver comes from the lightweight feel and the simplicity of the design - there's not bundles of sliding weights or settings to choose from, just pick your loft and shaft and you should experience impressive performance from the off. The driver looks superb at address and the feeling of stability at impact will be enjoyed by all.