With new takes on adjustability, added forgiveness and promises of even more yardage, there has never been more choice in the all-important Golf Driver market…

Buyer’s Guide

Custom fitting
Getting custom fitted for your driver is crucial because the various head designs across the market offer very different launch conditions. Gone are the days of when you were a ‘9.5° stiff’ golfer, as your ideal spec will vary from one model to another. Be sure to go to a reputable pro that uses a launch monitor and has a good variety of drivers from different manufacturers to try.

This comes in many forms and nearly all drivers on the market are adjustable these days, but what you want and how much you’ll use it will vary from golfer to golfer. Some models will offer face angle adjustability, others allow you to tweak the loft and lie angle while you can also change the weighting in the sole to change the ball flight. Think about which would most benefit your game before making your purchase. We would recommend you let a PGA Pro carry out the adjustability during a fitting to be sure you are maximising distance correctly.

Performance among most of the drivers on the market is very similar so cosmetics play a big part. You need to be comfortable in what you look down on at address. There are many different colours and shapes on offer in 2015 and picking one that suits your eye will help you make better swings.

The shaft certainly plays a role in the overall performance of a driver. Shorter shafts tend to enhance control and dispersion while longer shafts generate more club speed but are more difficult to control. They also come in different weights and flexes. Again, the only way to know which is best for you is to get fitted by a PGA Pro.

Distance or Forgiveness?
Finally, think about where you need to improve: distance, workability or forgiveness. While most drivers offer a combination of all of these, some will favour one over the other. The smaller the head shape, the more workable it is but it’s size means it lacks forgiveness. 460cc drivers, the largest allowed by the Rules of Golf, will be stable through impact but perhaps less easy to shape through the air.

This Month’s Best Driver Deals

TaylorMade M2 driver at Amazon.co.uk | Was £329 | Now £261

2017 TaylorMade M1 driver at Amazon.co.uk | Was £479 | Now £429

Mizuno JPX900 driver at Amazon.com | Was $399 | Now $349

2017 TaylorMade M2 driver at Amazon.com | Was $499 | Now $399


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The distinctive triangular head on this driver sets the centre of gravity way back from the face, making it easy to launch, and highly stable on mis-hits. It contains adjustable…


Wilson says the Spine’s shape and construction delivers the maximum moment of inertia allowed under current driver regulations. The ridge running from face to back on the crown is designed…


If maximum forgiveness is your most pressing requirement, the MX-560 is a good option. Its streamline 460cc head is designed to launch the ball high and boost moment of inertia…


The r7 SuperQuad comes with two 1g and two 12g weights that can be switched around to generate a significantly higher or lower ball trajectory and vary lateral flight shape…


460cc titanium club head. Extra weighted in heel area for draw bias.


Deep grey 420cc titanium head with choice of three fixed weight cartridge options. Three factory fixed weights allow 23g of discretionary weight to be located optimally for your game and…


A 460cc pear shaped titanium driver with a shallow face to maximize driving distance. Multi-material construction features separate face, body and hosel components.


A sleek, attractive looking head is spoiled slightly by a somewhat cheap looking shaft. The MX-500 addresses the tendency to push shots with the biggest clubheads courtesy of a graphite…


LD stands for “limited dimensions” and Coba has pushed these to the boundaries with a steamline head shape that stretches a full 5in from front to back, helping increase twist-resistance,…


Black coloured shaft, space-age silver, black and blue clubhead. Cup face 360 degree technology said to boost sweetspot size. Light 0.6mm crown and Quadra tungsten weights enhance centre of gravity…


Titanium head’s deep face means a large, forgiving sweetspot. Chanelled sole should reduce drag through the ball and allow better energy transfer. 460cc


400cc. Larger front-to-back profile is designed to create high launch and moderate to low spin characteristics. All of this current series does not move to far away from the traditional…


New 360 degree club face technology creates a large sweet spot and a forgiving driver. The specially designed shaft promises better control on the downswing.


A uniquely shaped crown is designed to lower the centre of gravity and as a result increase driver distance and accuracy.


The new Speed Pro S and D drivers are specifically engineered for better players with higher ball speeds, boasting neutral face angles for greater workability. The S’s shallower face promotes…


mm carbon crown allows 4g more weight low and deep. High Tensile Carbon Graphite Crown with the Matrix C60. Stainless Precision Casting is combined with a Tungsten insert.


Black coloured shaft, sliver and grey club head wth gold touches. Club walls 25% thinner than original r7 and r5 to optimise head’s weight distribution. Six launch conditions available via…


Interchangeable weight cartridges vary flight shape from neutral to draw. Inverted Core Technology designed to expand the portion of the clubface to promote higher ball velocity and greater distance.