TaylorMade M4 Driver Review - Our verdict on the new TaylorMade M4 driver, which is said to be more forgiving thanks to improved weighting and new Twist Face technology

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TaylorMade M4 Driver


  • Exceptional feel, sound, forgiveness and distance in a simple driver offering with enough adjustability via the loft and shaft options to maximise all-round performance for most.


  • Performance improvements over M2 seemed to be fairly minimal based on our testing.


TaylorMade M4 Driver


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TaylorMade M4 Driver Review

Just like with the M2 driver, the M4 should offer similar performance to M3 but without the advanced adjustability and price tag that comes with it.

The M4 retains the simplicity of M2 and improves on its forgiveness and geocoustic properties that made it as popular on tour as it was with game improvers.

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The silver matte finish adds a touch of class to what is a confidence inspiring driver. The large footprint and prominent face angle makes you feel like a long, accurate drive is forthcoming.

Performance wise, we didn’t see as big a jump for M4 over M2 as we did with M3 over M1. It’s a finding that is TaylorMade’s own doing as the 2017 M2 driver was simply a really, really good driver that worked for many different swing speeds and strike patterns.

M2 v M4 drivers

Out of the middle and on off-centre hits too, performance was similar, with the M4 edging M2 very slightly due to lower spin but there wasn’t much in it. Notice we’ve taken a couple of gross mishits in the data above from our M2 set.

Certainly across a wider sample of testing shots, we’d be confident the M4 would deliver marginally more consistently impressive distance and dispersion numbers than M2. But if you’ve got a 2017 M2 driver, you probably don’t need to be upgrading any time soon.

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We were expecting launch to higher with M4 because more weight has been moved back in the head but we didn’t experience that, nor could we determine if Twist Face made any difference to our dispersion. It’s always worth reminding you that this could have been down to variances in strike and attack angle over the clubhead itself.

That said, even though the ability to negate a miss (especially a miss left) isn’t really available, controlling the face and resulting accuracy was surprisingly simple – we’re confident we could find a lot of fairways on the course with M4.

The M4 feels brilliant when you strike it out of the middle – pure, explosive and on par with anything else on the market. It leaves you excited to get on the next tee, knowing you’re going to experience it all again.


If your driver is a few years old and you don’t want to break the bank, the M4 is an impressive performer for its modest price tag, offering a high launch and low spin combination with ample forgiveness to boot.