In this Titleist 917 Driver Review, Neil Tappin casts his eye over what Titleist is billing as its most customisable driver ever.

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Titleist 917 Driver


  • A fully adjustable driver that allows you to customise performance in each individual area without compromising other aspects of your driving game.


  • This has been designed to be the ultimate custom fitting toolbox. If you want something to use straight off the shelf you are unlikely to unlock the full potential.


Titleist 917 Driver


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Golf Monthly’s Titleist 917 Driver Review


Titleist has retained the sleek, pear shape profile of recent previous generation drivers. However, what has changed is the colour of the crown. A grey finish replaces the black diamond look of the Titleist 915 driver. It harks back to some of the famous Titleist drivers of years gone by such as the 975 but it has been modernised and looks fantastic. The addition of the SureFit CG on the sole adds an extra element of technology and customisation that looks smart on the shelf and in the bag.


This driver might be an evolutionary product, yet the tools it offers the custom fitter means that any golfer willing to invest is likely to unlock significant performance gains. The changes to the head design make this more forgiving than the previous generation 915 and the Titleist 913 driver from two generations ago and anyone who hasn’t played a Titleist driver before may well be surprised by just how easy it is to hit. The introduction of the SureFit CG adds a crucial element to the fitting process and it is during this process where the biggest gains can be seen. Not only can you adjust the loft and lie independently but you can also set the weight in the back to help guard against your bad shot or accentuate your natural ball flight. When you add in the three different head options (D2, D3 & D4), four stock shaft options (Diamana Red & Blue, Aldila Rogue Max and Fulikura Speeder) as well as a host of other shaft options available at no extra up-charge, there really is everything you need here to find your ideal match.

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One area in this Titleist 917 driver review that is less quantifiable, of course, is feel. Titleist has worked hard at this through endless consumer testing which has enabled them to find a driver that sounds incredibly powerful and solid through impact. When you combine the sound with the strong ball flight on offer, it is clear this is a piece of engineering that shows Titleist is at the top of its’ game.


The 917 driver is a significant investment, but by way of return you are getting a complete toolbox for custom fitting. Under the watchful eye of a qualified fitter, any golfer, regardless of age, handicap or how old his or her current driver is, will find extra distance and consistency.