Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review - Discover why Joel Tadman feels the Wilson Staff D7 is one of the most underrated drivers of 2019

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Wilson Staff D7 Driver


  • Very powerful, solid and lightweight feel translated into excellent ball speed and distance. Great value for money.


  • Lacks adjustability, spec options and a little off-centre forgiveness


Wilson Staff D7 Driver


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Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review

Wilson Staff isn’t a brand known for its drivers but the new D7 model might just be one of the most underrated drivers of 2019. You can read all about the technology here.

It’s a simple offering with no sole weight or hosel adjustability. Just three lofts and shaft flexes to choose from but get the right combination and it has the potential to compete with drivers nearly double the price.

We normally test drivers in 8° with an x-stiff shaft, so we weren’t holding our breath but the D7 delivered both encouraging numbers on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor and impressive performance out on the golf course.


The D7 driver is appealing on the eye at address. Quite rounded in shape but oversized, it inspires confidence and looks cutting edge, although we’d have liked it to be a little easier to align.

First to the numbers. The average ball speed was 157.2 mph from an average club speed of 110 mph. So the conversion rate is a touch on the low side, but ball speed did top out at 160.6 mph, which is around where I have been with 2019 premium drivers.

The spin was also a touch high at 2362 rpm and the flight was the same with a peak height of 45 yards, again this will likely be down to the higher static loft and softer shaft than we are accustomed to.

That said, carry distances were impressive. 275 yards on average is more that adequate and there were two shots that carried a whopping 285 yards, which shows that if you put a good swing on it and strike the sweetspot this driver will deliver.

The lightweight overall feel allows you to swing it fast without any sensation of losing control or awareness of the clubface in the downswing.

The final thing that really stood out was the solid feel. It feels incredibly powerful out of the middle, a sensation that far surpasses the modest price tag.


The D7 driver packs a serious amount of punch considering the price. Many will benefit from the lightweight feel and with the right shaft flex and loft combination has the ability to compete with the best drivers. The extra draw bias in the higher lofts will be welcomed by game improvers and while it perhaps lacks a little off-centre forgiveness, there’s still an awful lot of value to be had should you opt for the Wilson Staff D7 driver this year.