The Golf Monthly test team's Yonex EZONE Tri-G driver review, the first ever made to feature a concentric weight system of three weights on the sole

Product Overview

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Yonex EZONE Tri-G driver


  • Traditional at address with bags of technology underneath to help fine tune the launch and spin to find your optimum ball flight.


  • Lacks the shelf appeal of other drivers on the market. Pricey too.


Yonex EZONE Tri-G driver review


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Yonex EZONE Tri-G driver review

The EZONE Tri-G replaces the i-EZONE driver, the brand’s first adjustable model that had a white section on the crown to assist alignment.

Loft Options
9°, 10° and 13° adjustable by up to 1.5° up or down

The EZONE Tri-G driver has a very premium, clean look at address with minimal distractions, setting it apart from the other drivers in its 2015 product line. The contrast between the dark crown and silver face helps alignment and sits square when you place it down behind the ball at address.

Shelf Appeal
The understated look may mean it lacks the wow factor, but there’s a lot going on under the bonnet to create a level of intrigue. It has a futuristic aesthetic that, combined with the three sole weights, makes it feel like it’s a cutting-edge piece of kit.

Stock shafts
The lightweight stock Nanometric NST310 shaft has plenty of kick to it through impact with low torque helping to impart more speed. It felt very stable and effortless to swing fast without losing control or awareness of the clubhead.

Head Technology
We opted for the extra forgiveness in the 460cc version over the 445cc option. The carbon crown incorporates high modulus graphite enforced with high-grade nanometric material, which maintains strength while allowing the upper portion of the face to flex, creating more ball speed.

The sole has three weight ports that house two 2g weights and one 12g weight. These weights are interchangeable, allowing you to alter the launch and spin. Placing the heavy weight in the port closest to the face reduces spin and launch ideal for fast swing speeds, while positioning it at the back of the head will increase spin and launch. Adjustable loft is available at the hosel.

The Tri-G driver features a Concentric Weight System (CWS) whereby the three sole weights are positioned an equal distance from the shaft’s axis. This means that regardless of where you position the weights, the feel and balance remains the same.

A powerful and explosive thud at impact was a joy to experience and just left me wanting to tee up another ball. The shaft works really well with the head to offer a light but balanced feel, meaning you can go hard at the ball while keeping dispersion relatively tight.

Positioning the heavy weight closest to the face worked to keep the spin down. The result was a strong, rainbow ball flight that launched relatively high. This configuration will only work for above-average club speeds but once you’ve found the best spec for you after a fitting, the results will be seriously impressive.

Unlike the irons in the EZONE Tri-G range, the sound of the driver was quite understated. There’s enough pop there to know when you’ve caught a shot out of the screws, but it’s not off-putting enough to turn heads for the wrong reasons.

Very impressive in the 460cc version. Mishits suffered the usual loss of feel but the flight remained relatively stable and just crept into the first cut of rough as opposed to straying significantly off line. This only enforces your mentality to go hard at the ball through impact knowing that help is at hand from the technology inside the clubhead as well as the shaft that matches it to a tee.


A premium offering that looks the part and has the technology proven to work and to an extent justify the price tag