Golf Monthly's Bushnell Neo iON review, a GPS Watch with an improved battery life and up to four hazards per hole as well a host of other useful features

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Bushnell Neo iON


  • Very impressive battery life is combined with useful features that help improve accuracy and implementing the correct strategy.


  • The extra features and battery life mean it's chunkier than its predecessor.


Bushnell Neo iON GPS Watch


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Clubhouse Golf

I was very impressed with the Bushnell Neo XS GPS watch when it came out in 2014 so testing out its replacement was always going to be interesting. The two main things I liked about the Neo XS was how slim line and lightweight it was as well as how easy it was to use out of the box.

Thankfully, neither of these highlights are lost completely on the new Bushnell Neo iON. It’s not quite as compact on the wrist as the Neo XS but it’s just as simple to get going and navigate through the various features.

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The longer battery life of three rounds will please the more unorganised golfer who forgets to recharge their device after playing. Out of the box, it comes fully charged and there’s no need to sync it up to your computer – it’s ready to use and will automatically detect your course when you get to the first tee. It will automatically move holes as you do and on the odd occasion it doesn’t, one push of a button will set you right.

But the most useful feature, aside from the usual front, middle and back distances (which proved to be very accurate, by the way) is the hazard and dogleg information.

Bushnell neo-ion watch

It can be difficult when solely using a GPS watch to implement the correct strategy on a hole you’ve not played before from the tee. This information (up to four hazards per hole) gives you a clearer picture in your mind of the shots required to play the hole correctly.

It is also one of the comfiest GPS watches to wear. The soft, flexible strap means you can achive a snug fit without is feeling uncomfortable or being aware of it during your swing or when walking between shots.

You can, if you wish, put it on before you tee off and not need to press another button until you finish – this fuss free use will please the majority of golfers that opt for the simplicity of a GPS watch over a laser rangefinder or handheld GPS device.

The charging clip makes restoring full power a simple task and the cherry on top is how the styling makes the watch look like an off-course digital watch, albeit a cheap one.

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For under £140, the Bushnell Neo iON GPS watch represents excellent value for money. Not only does it provide fast and accurate distances, but the extra features should help you hit the correct golf shot more often. It is light and comfortable to wear and can be worn seamlessly on and off the course.