The Golf Monthly test team brings you its Garmin Approach G8 review, revealing the pros and cons of this GPS device

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Garmin Approach G8


  • The G8 comes loaded with a huge amount of tech. As well as impressive overhead images it offers stat collection, a digital scorecard, which can be downloaded to the Garmin Community, email and text notifications. It can even suggest clubs to hit to record your club distances when out playing. The screen manages to be very clear and easy too read without being too cumbersome.


  • The ‘PlaysLike’ distance function, just like the slope function on some lasers, makes this illegal for competition play, which will be an immediate issue for a lot of golfers. Yardages take a little longer to load than others so you need to wait a couple of seconds when you get to your ball.


Garmin Approach G8 review


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Key technology: Garmin Approach G8 review

A colour screen displays large, high-contrast maps of each hole with touchscreen capabilities that can give distances from any position on the hole. It can also offer ‘PlaysLike distances’ that take into account changes in height (not legal for tournament play). A big number mode offers distances to the front, middle and back of greens. The unit comes loaded with 38,000 courses.


This shows the potential that Garmin designers posses when it comes to an all-singing, all-dancing GPS device. The fact that some extras mean it is not legal for tournament play is frustrating though. If you don’t play in official competitions there is plenty to impress, particularly if you play lots of different courses and would benefit from overhead maps showing you the entire hole and yardages to and from anywhere. The unit is well made and most golfers would feel comfortable with it in their pocket.