The Golf Monthly team brings you its GolfBuddy VS4 review, revealing all you need to know about this golf GPS device

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GolfBuddy VS4


  • The VS4 combines a number of plus points from other compact GPS devices on the market, particularly the fact that yardages can be seen and heard. The view green shape is particularly impressive for a unit that is so compact. Set-up couldn’t be easier and the auto course and hole recognition works well. This type of device will speed up play more than any other featured here as well as being quicker than pacing out yardages. Showing front and back yardages based on the angle of your approach is always a welcome addition.


  • The design doesn’t work as well on the wrist as specific GPS watches, and is much better suited to being worn on the belt or clipped onto a bag.


GolfBuddy VS4 review


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Key technology: GolfBuddy VS4 review

A small, lightweight GPS that gives front, middle and back yardages on screen as well as providing the option for them to be called out from the device. The VS4 comes with a wrist strap so it can be worn as a watch, alternatively a clip-on case allows it to be attached to a belt, pocket or cap. Dynamic green view shows the shape of the green. Loaded with over 37,000 courses.


A great unit for those that want basic yardage information quick and easy. This is a fantastic choice if you want straightforward information, but don’t like wearing a watch when you play golf. The majority of people are likely to get the yardages by looking at the unit, but the option to have them read out is a nice touch. The set-up and use of the device couldn’t be easier and the accuracy and number of courses is impressive. Some will want more information, but it will provide just enough data.