Golf Monthly's GolfBuddy WT5 review, a modern, multi-functional GPS watch said to minimise distraction out on the course through its slim, lightweight design

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GolfBuddy WT5


  • Slim, lightweight, easy to naviagte thanks to clear graphics and well-labelled buttons. You hardly notice you're wearing it and the distances were accurate.


  • At times, the device was a little too eager to switch holes when adjacent tees were close by.


GolfBuddy WT5 GPS Watch


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Key technology
The WT5 has a slimmer design and a more comfortable fit on your wrist than the previous WT4. Dynamic Green View changes the front and back distances based on your angle of approach. It has nine pre-set pin placements you can select with simple press-and-hold buttons. It is fully functional as a digital wristwatch, with a rechargeable battery and GPS tracking for various outdoor activities.

GM Review
The fact it’s very slim and lightweight means you hardly notice you’re wearing
it and there’s no danger of it impeding your swing. The WT5 recognises the course quickly and is very simple once you grasp the function of the three control buttons.

Scrolling between hazards and the scorecard after each hole is a simple task and the shot-tracking tool is easy to employ. Distances are easy to read at a quick glance and having them adjust according to your angle of approach is a must for all GPS watches these days.

Without doubt one of the quickest devices to register the course on arrival, a reassuring feature when you’re in a rush or don’t want to faff around. The display is clear and the features are easy to navigate thanks to the buttons being both limited in number and clearly labelled.

The styling is modern but not too outlandish, potentially broadening its appeal among golfers. The yardages seemed to stack up when tested against a laser.


There really is very little to fault on the WT5 – it’s an impressively versatile piece of kit that offers everything the golfer needs to hit more accurate approach shots