GolfBuddy WT6 Review - We take the entry-level GolfBuddy WT6 GPS Watch out on the course at West Hill Golf Club to put it through its paces

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GolfBuddy WT6 GPS Watch


  • Simple but effective in providing accurate, at-a-glance distances. Extra info and features will be enough for most golfers


  • Distances took a little while to update.


GolfBuddy WT6


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GolfBuddy WT6 Review

Key technology
The WT6 has Dynamic Green View that spins the green to match your angle of approach if you have wandered offline. It can also boast nine hours of battery life in golf mode and up to two months in watch mode as well as the usual distances and hazard information.

Will suit
This is a good value option that will entice lots of first time DMD users.

GM Review
This was very lightweight and extremely simple to use. The front, middle and back yardages are easy to read and the hazard information is available with just one click. It is noticeably less bulky than previous versions and we were impressed that its battery lasted for 45 holes.

It is an entry level watch, so we weren’t expecting to be blown away by a multitude of features. This is a basic device aimed at those who crave simplicity and ease of use, and the WT6 certainly delivers that.

That said, it does provide hazard, layup and dogleg distances with the touch of a button to help you plot your way around unfamiliar courses.

At times, the yardages did not always automatically sync as you walked down the hole, meaning you had to click the OK button to get an accurate figures. But once displayed, they certainly seemed to stack up with reference points around us.

The Dynamic Green View, which displays adjusted distances based on your angle of approach, is a useful tool if you tend to be wayward off the tee.

The screen is basic, but the information is easy to read in a variety of light conditions and ideal for a quick glance before quickly deciding on the appropriate club.




For those who want simple front, middle and back distances via a quick look at their wrist, the WT6 ticks the boxes without breaking the bank.