The Golf Monthly test team brings you its Nikon Coolshot A/S review, revealing all you need to know about this golf laser rangefinder

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Nikon Coolshot A/S


  • The ability to see how far a shot into a raised or lowered green actually plays can really help to improve your judgment of distance and your club selection. It proves particularly useful on courses with lots of undulation when you haven’t played them before. The Coolshot series copes particularly well in murky conditions. The First target model helps ensure that you pick up the flag, particularly when there are trees behind the hole.


  • The slope measurement means that this device can’t be used in official competitions. If you play a lot of competitive golf then this is a lot of money for a unit you won’t be able to use all of the time.


Nikon Coolshot A/S review


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As well as providing the actual yardage, the Coolshot A/S takes into account the slope of the hole and offers yardages accordingly. It offers two measurement modes, which are First Target and Distance. The First Target mode gives the distance to the nearest object to you, which the majority of the time is the flag. The bright LED illuminated display means that the flag is visible in both bright and dull conditions.


The slope facility on offer here is fascinating and provides a great insight into how much slope affects the distance the ball travels. If you play most of your golf outside of official competitions, or want a laser you can use for practice rounds, then this will be a very good choice. Away from the slope facility, this tried-and-tested unit is a solid performer that has come down in price over the last 12 months. It feels very comfortable in the hand and is a robust device that is clearly built to last.