Shot Scope V2 Review - We tested the Shot Scope V2 GPS and performance analysis system over a number of months to see how it performed

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Shot Scope V2


  • Once set up the V2 is easy to use and provides detailed shot-tracking information that can be viewed on an app without intruding on your play.


  • Battery life runs down quickly. Takes some time to set the tags up in the clubs.


Shot Scope V2 – GPS Watch Review

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Shot Scope V2 Review
The Shot Scope V2 is for golfers who want to get GPS distances and performance stats from one device.

Key technology
The wrist-worn V2 uses an LCD screen to display distances to the front, middle and back from the golfer’s real-time position using Smart GPS, as well as yardages to hazards and bunkers. Tags positioned in the top of every club collect more than 100 tour-level statistics, broken down into all areas of the game. Users can also flag penalty shots during a round to reduce the time spent editing scores post-round. A recent update means more in-depth statistics have become available.

GM Review

Once your shots are tracked automatically, you can look at your performance stats using the app, which is easy to navigate and interpret. The level of detail is exceptional and useful in assessing your strengths and weaknesses.


Ease of use
The V2 is quick to detect the course and takes minimal setting up to be ready to use once the tags are in place. It’s comfortable and lightweight on your wrist, to the point that you barely notice it, although it is a touch more chunky than modern golf GPS watches.

The Shot Scope V2 is a worthy companion for your round. It can discreetly track your shots and provide detailed analysis of your play that is easy to digest. The GPS distances are accurate, so much so that we even stopped using our laser rangefinder, and it’s fun to look back at your shots on hole maps in the clubhouse after your round.

We really enjoyed seeing our distances with each club, how often we used them and where we missed fairways and greens, but there’s so much more detail if you want to dive deeper. We liked it so much we selected the Shot Scope V2 to feature in our 2018 Editor’s Choice listing.

The tags record shots effectively (we can count on one hand the number of times a shot wasn’t picked up over at least 12 rounds) and the process of transferring the data to the app is also quick.

The battery does run down fairly quickly, so be sure it is fully charged before you play. This takes a few hours, so be sure to get into the habit of doing it overnight.


Given the level of detail and the ease of use, there’s very good value to be had with the Shot Scope V2. It doesn't intrude on your play when collecting shot information and it removes the need for a separate GPS device.