The Golf Monthly test team brings you its SkyCaddie Touch review, revealing all you need to know about this golf GPS device

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SkyCaddie Touch


  • Beautiful graphics on a fantastic screen provide the best-looking course maps available, particularly when the device is in the onDemand HD mode. The ground mapped courses make the device one of the most accurate units available, which is key when so much information is provided. The incredible amount of hole information on offer will give you a big advantage over other players when competing on new courses, particularly when the hole isn’t presented clearly in front of you. What's more, you get a free year's birdie membership when buy the Touch in the UK


  • The price you pay for such impressive accuracy is that annual subscription fees need to be paid. These begin at £29.95 and go up depending on what you are looking to access.


SkyCaddie Touch review


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Key technology: SkyCaddie Touch review

All of the 34,000 courses that are preloaded on the device have been mapped on foot to help ensure the accuracy on offer. New onDemand HD maps can be downloaded to give an even clearer view of every hole. The high-resolution touchscreen can provide yardages from any point. Scores and round stats can be synced to the SkyGolf mobile app via Bluetooth.

freee year’s birdie membership when buy toych in the UK


The detailed information you get when committing to the top of the range Touch is excellent. This information is accurate and beautifully presented. Many golfers will get a lot out of the experience of using the Touch and will benefit from it. If you are particularly dedicated, the stat collection and SkyGolf Community are well put together. This is about as close as you will get to having your own caddie every round.