The Golf Monthly test team brings you its Voice Caddie VC300 review, revealing all you need to know about this GPS device

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Voice Caddie VC300


  • A completely stripped-back device that features no distractions, just simple front, back and middle yardages. It is comfortably the smallest and lightest unit here so can be clipped on a hat, belt or kept in a pocket without interfering. It comes in at an impressive price and will appeal to those just wanting to get on with their golf with the basic-but-useful information on offer. A good alternative for those who don’t like wearing a watch.


  • It’s a shame that the device doesn’t feature a simple screen with a yardage display on it as some players simply won’t want their yardages called out to them, which can be a little obtrusive for you and your playing partners.


Voice Caddie VC300 review


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Key technology: Voice Caddie VC300 review

This compact and lightweight GPS device provides distances to the front, middle
and back of greens. When the unit is clicked once it calls out the yardage to the middle of the green. Sliding a finger across the front of the GPS one way gives a distance to the front of the green and sliding a finger the other way gives the yardage to the back. It is preloaded with over 30,000 courses.


After simply reading the key technology above you will probably know whether this unit is for you or not. It is incredibly compact and lightweight, and couldn’t be easier to charge and use. The voice can be annoying though, and means you can’t check yardages when a player nearby is getting ready to play. A simple screen showing the yardages would make this a fantastic offering, particularly at the low price it is available for. The design fits onto a belt or cap, allowing instant information without the need to be wearing a watch.