In this Mizuno CLK Hybrid review, Neil Tappin takes a look at the latest metalwood release from the brand to see how the performance stacks up...

Product Overview

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Mizuno CLK Hybrid


  • Beautiful, classic shape but with some neat modern styling. Provided consistently strong distances as well as easy-to-launch performance


  • Less confident ball-strikers might struggle with the compact shape. Also comes with a premium price-tag


Mizuno CLK Hybrid


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Any Mizuno CLK hybrid review will start by concentrating on the looks. This strikes a fantastic balance between having a classic, compact shape but with some attractive modern styling. The space-grey crown colour is a thing of beauty that suits this compact shape well. Both in the bag and behind the ball this is a real winner in the looks department – but the truth is, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Mizuno.

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Mizuno CLK Hybrid data

It was in the performance where this Mizuno CLK hybrid really started to impress. This is a mid-launching hybrid but we were pleased that Mizuno resisted the temptation to make this too low-spinning. This is something we see occasionally that can make clubs long on a launch monitor but less versatile out on the course. It spins well and as a result, the ball hangs in the air. I tested this in the 19˚ option and an average of 233 yards is excellent. More impressive however was how consistent those distances were. Just 13 yards between my longest and shortest shots means this is a great club for attacking greens. The technology that helps maintain off-centre ball speed, really works.

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Mizuno CLK Hybrid Review: Verdict

When you look at both the aesthetics and the performance, it is clear this is a premium hybrid. At £245 it certainly has the price-tag to match. However, with an adjustable loft sleeve that offers nine different set up options, there is no reason why any golfer wouldn’t be able to find one that fits in perfectly at the top end of the bag. If you are a confident ball-striker looking for a hybrid to replace a redundant long iron, we would urge you to take the Mizuno CLK hybrid for a test. You’ll be surprised by how much extra performance is on offer from such a compact, sleek shape.


A stunning hybrid that performs as well as it looks. A fantastic hybrid option for anyone who has traditionally stuck with long irons