Titleist TS2 Hybrid Review - Equipment Editor Joel Tadman tests the new Titleist TS2 hybrid and delivers his verdict.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Titleist TS2 Hybrid


  • Exceptional forgiveness contributing to consistently fast ball speeds on a strong, towering ball flight.


  • Glossy crown does produce glare from the sun in certain angles at address. Fairly pricey.


Titleist TS2 Hybrid


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Titleist TS2 Hybrid Review

Key Technology

  • The TS2 hybrid’s driver-like technology comprises a thinner titanium crown, a 16 per cent thinner face and a 10 per cent higher MOI.
  • This combination should increase ball speed and clubhead stability, resulting in longer, straighter shots.
  • The larger, more forgiving TS2 is for players who have more of a shallow, sweeping delivery into the ball. It comes in lofts of 17˚, 19˚, 21˚, 23˚, 25˚ and 27˚

The TS2 looks like a mini fairway wood, with a larger, more rounded address profile than the TS3.

Titleist TS2-hybrid-address-outdoor-web

The glossy black finish adds to the premium visuals although so produce some glare from the sun in certain angles at address.

GM Verdict
As someone who chops between a hybrid and a utility iron, one would think the more iron-like TS3 hybrid would better suit my eye, yet the TS2 was a revelation. Seemingly easier to strike and more symmetrical in shape, it produced slightly better results overall than the TS3.

It was more forgiving than the TS3, producing consistently higher ball speeds while still keeping spin relatively low at around the 4,500rpm mark. This provided a nice balance of distance and stopping power, bolstering the TS2’s versatility. As a result, the TS2 was a touch longer than the TS3 and also flew a little higher too.

It’s the more user-friendly option, and while those who hit down steeply on hybrids as they do with their irons might prefer the TS3’s narrower sole, the TS2 will surprise a lot of golfers for its overall playability, even lower handicappers.

The TS2 is certainly more suited to shots into greens, and while it might struggle a little into a strong wind, you can still manipulate flight in different ways to a degree. The adjustability and range of loft options mean you can dial the TS2 in to hit the carry number you want and also take out one side of the course. In our 90g Project X EvenFlow T1100 White 6.0 shaft, it thankfully didn’t miss left as much as hybrids often can.


It just goes to show that you need to go into a fitting for a hybrid with an open mind. Observe the flight, the distances and the consistency and take note of which one looks best to your eye, as this is an important factor to consider. Go through that process with the TS hybrid and I'm confident you'll be impressed with the results.